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We Build Quality Product Experiences 'Since 2002'

“ M/S Om Steel Industries is specialize in producing machined/fabricated industrial components as per the specifications/Standards. We have more than 20 years of experience in supplying products all over the world.
Quality is the bedrock of our business. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company that caters to a cross-section of the industry. Om Steel has emerged as a reliable supplier to international clients as per customization. undertakings as well as start-up enterprises for more than a decade. We consistently meet our customers’ needs with a sharp focus on product excellence, cost optimization, and timely delivery.

Quality is the bedrock of our business. We are an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company that caters to a cross-section of industry; Om Steel has emerged as a reliable supplier to Govt., Semi-Govt., Public & Private sector Undertakings as well as start-up enterprises for more than a decade. We consistently meet our customers’ needs with a sharp focus on product excellence, cost optimization and timely delivery.

The materials supplied by us are strictly tested in a NABL-approved laboratory and the Certificates are issued along with the materials.
The materials supplied by us are strictly approved with PMIUIDP testing in our internal laboratory. The certificates are issued along with the materials.
Why Choose Us

Most Advanced & Powerful Industry

Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone of our business and is a reflection of our deep client commitment. It shall govern all our actions and shall be integrated into our work environment.

Our Quality objectives include:
  • A deep commitment to total customer satisfaction
  • Process improvisation
  • Cost reduction & On-time delivery
  • Quality awareness among employees
Commitment to safety

The safety and well-being of our people is paramount to us. Hence we incorporate safety and health measures in all our business operations.

  • We conduct regular safety audits and reviews, followed by process improvements
  • We strive to improve the safety performance across the organization through periodic employee training, orientation programs and focused internal communication
  • We work hard to make our employees aware about the latest safety practices and protocols
Inspection &Testing

We have a state-of-the-art Spectro-machine of Hilger make (UK brand) to provide one-stop testing such as chemical testing, hardness testing and ultrasound flaw detection (available both in-lab and on-site).

Om Steel is equipped with an extensive range of inspection facilities that include:
  • Digital Vernier 0 – 200 mm …2 Nos
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer 0- 25 mm
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer 25 – 50 mm
  • Bore Dial Gauges etc…
  • High Gauges 0 – 300 mm
  • All Size Ring & Plug Gauges

Vernier (0 – 1000)

Micrometer (0 – 300)

Bore Gauge (0 – 150)

Slip Gauge ( up to 100 mm)

Height Gauge (0 – 300)

Depth Gauge (0 – 25)

Micrometer Flame Type (0 – 25)


Threading Gauges (up to 100 mm)

Ring Gauges (up to 10-60 mm)

Work Culture

Om Steel is built around an ethos of professionalism and team work. It is a culture that fosters high performance. Our colleagues work with excellent team spirit in a disciplined work environment, underlined by friendliness, warmth and healthy competition

Research & Development

To break new ground in metallurgy and materials science, we make a sizeable investment in R& D initiatives every year. Our research associates bring to the table a deep passion for invention and innovation, they apply their talent to help us create new, high- performance products that improve productivity and safety in industrial processes.

Design capabilities

Using Auto CAD drafting and other contemporary tools, our talented designers/engineers come up with out-of-the-box blueprints that optimize product development, ultimately leading to lower cost and faster-time-to-market for our clients, also we use the latest softwares and solid works.

Our Leadership

The Best Industry And
Our Team

“The passion to excel, the dynamism to lead and The desire to delight customers.”
This is the core philosophy that is driving Om Steel to break new ground in customer satisfaction. I feel happy and proud to be at the helm of an enterprise that is crossing new signposts of success.
Our journey started in 2012 as a small trading firm, dealing in assorted steel products. The pursuit of excellence and total commitment to customers’ needs is at the heart of our business growth
Today, Om Steel has evolved into a respected, reliable name in the Steel product manufacturing and supply business. We are a trusted source for a wide range of premium quality steel components/products that feed the assembly lines in the engineering and defense production industries.

However, this success would not have been possible without your support and encouragement. I
wholeheartedly thank all our customers, business associates, vendors and our long-standing
loyale mployees for making Om Steel the trusted name that it is today.”

Mr. Suresh Sanghavi
Our Mission

To pursue the highest standards of quality and achieve customer satisfaction through a synergy of excellence and commitment.

Our Vision

To evolve as a brand that would be best admired for its research focus, quality assurance and tradition of customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Quality is our passion, Professionalism is anchored in our work culture, and R&D is crucial to our business operations. The well-being and safety of our people are paramount to us.

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We work for Advance Valves Group, Inter Valves, Crane, WOM, Roto pumps, Forbes Marshall group, Emerson group (vendor), etc. We are also in exports, supply of machine & fabrication components & raw material
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