Precision Machined Components

Precision Machined Components

Precision-machined parts generally have complicated features and precise conditions. These parts consist of holes, grooves, threads, and tapers which should fit properly with other components. Precision machining generates metal parts with precision for the proper functioning of the product.


SS316, Duplex 4A
EN8, Duplex 4A
GR. 70, SS316, S304
17-4-PH, SS431, Duplex 4A
17-4PH, XM19, IN718, SS431
SS316, Duplex 4A , Duplex 5A, SS410, K500

SS431, 17-4 PH, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, XM19 Monel K500, K400, SS316

SS410, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, Duplex 6A, Monel K500, K400, SS316, SS304, IN625, IN825, H-C276

We provide Precision Machined Components

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Precise dimension
  • Rust proof

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