Cut Seals/Bearing Washers

Cut Seals/Bearing Washers

Cut seals and bearing washers are essential parts used in a variety of industries to guarantee adequate sealing and efficient machinery and equipment functioning. To suit the unique requirements of various applications, Omsteel Co., a recognised producer specialising in valve and pump components, also manufactures premium, precisely crafted cut seals and bearing washers.

Omsteel Co.produces cut seals and bearing washers that correspond to industry standards and customer needs using cutting-edge manufacturing procedures and cutting-edge equipment. Precision engineering and precise attention to detail are highly valued by the organisation, which ensures that every component is dependable, long-lasting, and capable of working at its best even in challenging circumstances.

Premium materials, such as stainless steel, brass, or other suitable alloys, known for their superior corrosion resistance and mechanical capabilities, are used to create the cut seals and bearing washers produced by Omsteel Co. The materials used in sealing and bearing applications are carefully chosen to endure the extreme temperatures, pressures, and conditions.

Omsteel Co. provides a wide selection of cut seals and bearing washers that are intended to deliver reliable bearing support and effective sealing. These parts are essential for keeping machinery and equipment properly lubricated and for preventing leaks. The cut seals and bearing washers from Omsteel Co. provide dependable performance and long service life, whether they are used to ensure fluid containment in hydraulic systems or to lessen friction and wear in rotating machinery.

Types of Cut Seals and Bearing Washers

1. O-Rings

O-rings are one of the most widely used types of cut seals. They are circular in shape with a cross-section that resembles the letter “O.” O-rings provide excellent sealing capabilities by compressing between two mating surfaces to prevent the leakage of fluids or gasses.

2. Gaskets

Gaskets are flat cut seals typically made from materials like rubber, cork, or fiber. They are used to create a seal between two stationary surfaces, such as flanges. Gaskets are commonly used in applications where a tight seal is required to prevent fluid or gas leakage.

3. V-Rings

V-rings, also known as V-seals or axial seals, are cut seals shaped like a “V.” They are used in rotary shaft applications to provide effective sealing against dirt, dust, and other contaminants. V-rings can accommodate both rotational and axial movements, making them suitable for dynamic sealing applications.

4. Oil Seals

Oil seals, also known as rotary shaft seals or lip seals, are designed specifically for sealing rotating shafts. They consist of an outer metal shell, a flexible sealing lip, and a garter spring. Oil seals prevent the leakage of lubricants and the ingress of contaminants into bearing assemblies.

5. Thrust Washers

Thrust washers, also known as thrust bearings or axial washers, are bearing washers used to support axial loads in rotating machinery. They are typically flat, ring-shaped components placed between the rotating element and stationary parts to reduce friction and wear.

6. Spherical Washers

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Key features of Cut Seals and Bearing washers from Omsteel Co.

1. High-Quality Materials

Omsteel Co.uses high-quality materials, such as premium-grade stainless steel, brass, or other suitable alloys, known for their excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. These materials ensure durability and longevity in demanding operating conditions.

2. Precision Engineering

Omsteel Co.prioritizes precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Each cut seal and bearing washer is crafted with accuracy to meet industry standards and customer specifications, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

3. Excellent Sealing Capability

The cut seals from Omsteel Co., such as O-rings, gaskets, and V-rings, provide excellent sealing capabilities. They effectively prevent fluid or gas leakage, maintaining system integrity and preventing contamination in critical applications.

4. Reliable Bearing Support

Omsteel Co.’s bearing washers, including thrust washers and spherical washers, offer reliable bearing support. They distribute loads evenly, reduce friction, and minimize wear, thereby extending the life of rotating machinery and improving overall efficiency.

5. Customization Options

Omsteel Co.understands that different applications may have unique requirements. Therefore, they offer customization options for cut seals and bearing washers. This allows customers to obtain components that are specifically tailored to their application needs, ensuring an optimal fit and performance.

6. Resistance to Harsh Conditions

Omsteel Co.’s cut seals and bearing washers are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, including high pressures, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals or abrasive substances. They exhibit excellent resilience and durability in challenging environments.

7. Compliance with Industry Standards

Omsteel Co.ensures that their cut seals and bearing washers comply with relevant industry standards and regulations. This commitment to quality and adherence to standards guarantee that the components meet or exceed the required performance criteria.

Specification of Cut seals and Bearing washers

Component Material Operating Temperature Range Pressure Rating Maximum Load Capacity Customization Options
O-Rings Premium-grade, elastomers -40°C to +200°C Up to 5000 psi Dependent on size Size, material, hardness
Gaskets Rubber, cork, fiber -30°C to +150°C Up to 1500 psi Dependent on size Size, material, shape
V-Rings Premium-grade, elastomers -40°C to +150°C Up to 3000 psi Dependent on size Size, material
Oil Seals Nitrile, fluoroelastomer, polyacrylate -40°C to +200°C Up to 5000 psi Dependent on size Size, material, lip
Thrust Washers Self-lubricating materials (e.g., PTFE, bronze) -50°C to +150°C Up to 2000 psi Dependent on size Size, material, thickness
Spherical Washers Stainless steel, brass, alloy -50°C to +250°C Up to 5000 psi Dependent on size Size, material, curvature

Industrial Applications of Cut seals/bearing washers

Our Cut Seals/Bearing washers are used in various extensive applications across a wide range of industries.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Power Generation

Countries they supply our Cut Seals/Bearing washers to

Omsteel Co. supply our Cut Seals/Bearing washers to countries like :
The United States
Middle East

and more


Cut seals and bearing washers are essential components used in various industries to provide sealing and bearing support. Cut seals are designed to prevent fluid or gas leakage between two mating surfaces, while bearing washers provide support and reduce friction in rotating machinery.
Cut seals and bearing washers can be manufactured from a range of materials, including elastomers (such as rubber or silicone), thermoplastics, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), metals (such as stainless steel or brass), and composite materials. The material selection depends on factors like compatibility with the fluid or environment, temperature resistance, and desired sealing or bearing performance.
Choosing the appropriate cut seals and bearing washers involves considering factors such as the application requirements, operating conditions (temperature, pressure, and media), dimensions, and load capacity. Consulting with experts in seal and bearing technology or manufacturers specializing in these components can help in selecting the most suitable options.
Yes, cut seals and bearing washers can often be customized to meet specific application needs. Manufacturers can offer options for different sizes, materials, hardness levels, and designs to ensure an optimal fit and performance in a particular system or equipment. Customization allows for better compatibility and improved sealing or bearing performance.
Bearing washer, a machine component that is used in conjunction with a screw fastener such as a bolt and nut, and that usually serves either to keep the screw from loosening or to distribute the load from the nut or bolt head over a larger area. For load distribution, thin flat rings of soft steel are usual.


SS316, Duplex 4A
EN8, Duplex 4A
GR. 70, SS316, S304
17-4PH, XM19, IN718, SS431
17-4-PH, SS431, Duplex 4A
SS316, Duplex 4A , Duplex 5A, SS410, K500
XM19 , SS316, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, IN-718

SS431, 17-4 PH, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, XM19 Monel K500, K400, SS316

SS410, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, Duplex 6A, Monel K500, K400, SS316, SS304, IN625, IN825, H-C276


  • Defense
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Streel Furniture Industries
  • Food & Farma Internal Machine Parts

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