CNC Machined Components

CNC Machined Components

We provide machining service for small precision components, like rod, shaft, screw, bearing, pin, etc.

  • We are equipped with AMADA a japanese fiber laser cutting machine, with a cutting capacity of [Mild steel : 1 - 19mm, Stainless steel : 1 - 15 mm, Aluminium : 1 - 12 mm, Brass : 1 - 8 mm, Titanium : 1 - 5mm, Copper : 1 - 6 mm]. It undertakes complex laser cutting & laser engraving jobs. We are also known for high-speed output at cost-effective prices.
  • We have a YAWEI CNC bending machine, with a capacity of 3100 mm max. bend length, 220-ton force, 1 - 10 mm material thickness & the ability to fold up to a length of 3 meters with accuracy right from the first to last bend.
  • We also have pipe bending with a capacity of 1/2 inch to 6 inch OD/NB(1 mm - 6 mm thickness ) & pipe rolling with the capacity of 38 mm to 508 mm OD & thickness up to 16 mm.
  • We supply machine components, fabrication work, cutting, bending & raw material to the companies.
  • All materials are as per EUROPEAN & INDIAN standards as well.


GR.70, SS316, S304

EN8, Duplex4A

SS316, Duplex 4A

SS316, Duplex4A , Duplex5A, SS410, K500

17-4PH, XM19, IN718, SS431

SS431, 17-4 PH, Duplex4A, Duplex5A, XM19 Monel K500, K400, SS316

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