Stainless Steel Extended Spindle Ball Valves

Extended Spindle Ball Valves

We specialize in the manufacturing of High alloy valve parts like flanges, BKF flanges, lock rings, Allen bolts, etc. Oil & gas burner parts like nozzle, oil gun, etc. Furnace & heat treatment of high alloy parts, fixtures & spares. Special components for the government sector.


SS316, Duplex 4A
EN8, Duplex 4A
GR. 70, SS316, S304
17-4-PH, SS431, Duplex 4A
17-4PH, XM19, IN718, SS431
SS316, Duplex 4A , Duplex 5A, SS410, K500

SS431, 17-4 PH, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, XM19 Monel K500, K400, SS316

SS410, Duplex 4A, Duplex 5A, Duplex 6A, Monel K500, K400, SS316, SS304, IN625, IN825, H-C276

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